Home Inventory Guide

Home Inventory Guide
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Homes close to nature have shown to give people vitality and energy. Green spaces will improve one’s mental state and feeling of well being. Local outdoor recreation areas encourage social connecting and a venue for group activities.
Property owners for the region appreciate nearby waterfalls, hiking trails, picnic areas, state parks, golf courses, and the Cleveland Greenway.
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Home Inventory Guide: Don’t Let a Disaster Set You Back

Whether it is a fire, burglary or another disaster, the first thing your insurance agent is going to ask for is your home inventory. This is a step often forgotten by new homeowners until they discover that it’s too late.
This FREE Home Inventory has lots of suggestions about how to create this essential and valuable record of your personal belongings.  It has an interactive form that will allow you to make a comprehensive list and document it pictures and save it in digital format for convenience and security. Download our Home Inventory guide and subscribe to stay up-to-date with information about home maintenance, and more!