Why do people move ? This involves many human factors.  These interesting statistics can be applied to real estate motives for buyers in the Cleveland/Bradley market or any town.  I’m proud of the choice of properties for sale in the Cleveland, TN area which offers a quality of life that buyers are looking for.  The historic downtown, concerts, plays, and community festivals offer something for every age. Polk and McMinn counties offer the privacy and quiet life that many buyers are accustomed to. Several Fortune 500 companies have settled near Cleveland, TN which have given job opportunities to many
Every now and then I find buyers who want to be totally private and reclusive and still want medical facilities close by. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way and most of the time buyers will readjust their priorities.  Yes there is something for everybody here in Southeast Tennessee.  Give me a call and let’s find out together what works for you.

According to the National Association of Realtors:

35 million Americans moved to new homes in the past 2 years which represented 11.7% of the population. Almost 50% moved for housing-related reasons, 30.3% for family reasons, 19.4% for employment The average age of the typical first time buyer is 31; average age of a repeat buyer is 52.

In addition NAR shows a community preference survey for buyers:

86 % value privacy from neighbors when choosing a home.

60% prefer a neighborhood with a mix of houses, stores, and businesses that are easy to walk to.

Today’s home buyers want walk-able neighborhoods that offer relaxed access to nearby amenities and a real connection to the community.

75% of small town and rural residents would still live in a rural area if they could choose any place to live.

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