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What makes people feel comfortable in your home?  So comfortable that they don’t want to leave? We’ve heard the cliche that “less is more”.  It’s true.  A modest home with no clutter has much more appeal than an expensive home that’s overshadowed by lots of stuff and the homeowner’s personality rampant through all of it.  So how can you have a comfortable home that is still livable?

1.  Start with a point of reference.  Choose a color in one of the basic features of a room:  rug, draperies, or furniture, then use subtle coordinating fabrics and colors for other features in the room.  Don’t let the colors in a room fight with one another, and don’t play safe using nothing but beige.

2.  Don’t overcrowd a room with too much furniture.  A few pieces of used furniture that’s comfortably placed are more appealing than too many name brand pieces.

3.  Use textured throws with coordinating colors to give warmth and a relaxed feeling.

4.  Store a TV, Stereo, and DVD player in an appropriate Entertainment center, not oversized for the equipment.  Look for these Entertainment Centers in thrift shops or used furniture stores.  Paint them if necessary and hide all cords and cables.

5.  Don’t overload the walls with pictures and family photos.  Choose a desired height on the wall to hang pictures and then stick to that height, avoiding the roller coaster look on the walls.  Don’t be afraid of blank space, it actually enhances the few pieces you have hanging.  Choose only 1 wall or hallway for family photos.  If it’s too hard to choose, then use the top of a bureau with just a few more.  Just make sure it doesn’t become a dust collector.

6.  A dark room is depressing.  Keep blinds open during the day.  Place lamps in a least three corners of a room rather than an overhead light.

7.  Let the kids play!  But have a place to put toys away when finished.

8.  Surround sounds are wonderful but a small radio behind a chair or sofa playing soft music is just as effective.

9.  Aromas will always connect with our brains.  Freshen up a stale room with Febreeze.  Apples and cinnamon are awesome cooked on a stove top or oven.  Even the aroma of a home cooked meal can be therapy for us.

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By Carol Kamm at Grandview Realty

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