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Are Houses Getting Older ??

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s American Housing Survey, the median age of an owner-occupied home in the United States was 35 years old in 2011, up from a median  of 23 in 1985. More than 40% of the owner-occupied homes in the U.S. were built before 1969.  Homes built from 2000-2009 account for 15% of the owner-occupied housing stock. Aging houses could prove to be a boon for home remodeling businesses, the study finds. Older homes tend to be less energy-efficient than new homes and y require more repairs. Our aging baby boomer generation may be mirrored by the aging of America’s housing stock. But even with the expenses incurred with an aging home, buyers still want to have the charm and warmth that a newer home does not bring.  It may be hard to find it all without lots of elbow grease and pure work. Working with a Realtor who knows the pros and cons of new and older homes will be helpful in making decisions when purchasing a home.  Cleveland, Tennessee offers a good variety of homes, especially in the historic district.  There are older homes that still have lots of charm and may or may not need significant work. (Parts of this article were taken from The Residential Specialist, April 14- magazine for CRS members)

By Carol Kamm at Grandview Realty

Real Estate Services in Bradley, Polk, Hamilton, McMinn and Monroe Counties.

By Carol Kamm at Grandview Realty

Real Estate Services in Bradley, Polk, Hamilton, McMinn and Monroe Counties.

My trip to Spain has been very informative. Interesting facts: There are 350 million olive trees in Spain. 120,000 trees are harvested every day.  Spain produces 60% of the world’s olive oil.  Olive trees can live up to 4000 years; their roots are up to 30′ deep. The Prado family in Baena Spain have been producing Olive Oil since 1795. They are pioneers in organic olive production. They have over 100,000 olive trees on one farm and 60,000 on another. The extra virgin olive oil is extracted with the use of hydraulic presses. They are washed, transported, then crushed with three long-serving conical stones. After pressing, the oils are separated from the vegetable water by natural decantation and gravity.  As the oil comes to the service, it flows over to the bowls until it is completely clear.  The style is sweet and fruity with lemon and floral flavors. It may also have a peppery punch.  So what are household uses for this earthly treasure? Click on the underlined phrase to access the link!


Happy homebuyersBy Carol Kamm at Grandview Realty

Real Estate Services in Bradley, Polk, Hamilton, McMinn and Monroe Counties.



Market News

 Low housing inventory equals buyers concessions and strategies


Home inventory fell from a 9.4 months’ supply in 2010 to a 4.9 months’ supply in August 2013. (Source, National Association of Realtors)

With home inventory at a low for 2013, sellers are receiving multiple offers from buyers.  Who would have thought 3 or 4 years ago that we would see these statistics from the National Association of Realtors.  But according to NAR, here’s what buyers are willing to do to get the home of their dreams:

Offer to pay the seller’s closing costs -25%

Bid  1-5 percent over asking price – 25%

Write a letter to the seller – 17%

Borrow enough money from family and friends to get a 20% downpayment – 12%

Bid 6% – 10% over asking price – 9%

Remove all contingencies-8%

Borrow enough money from family and friends to make an all-cash offer -5%

Bid more than 10% over home’s asking price -4%

Prices are gradually rising along with interest rates.  Buyers are seeing the urgency to buy now, especially since stricter loan regulations are about to come into play.







beachfront home


By Carol Kamm at Grandview Realty

Real Estate Services in Bradley, Polk, Hamilton, McMinn and Monroe Counties.

Considering buying a vacation home?  Check out the 2013 trends; you will be surprised at what buyers are doing these days.  Vacation homes are great investments and they don’t have to cost a fortune.  The ideal vacation home is a place for the family to create memories and get away from it all. This type of investment is a good discussion to have with your accountant. He can advise you financially and see if it’s a right fit for you. View details: http://grandviewrealtytn.com/vacation-homes-latest-trends.

By Carol Kamm at Grandview Realty

Real Estate Services in Bradley, Polk, Hamilton, McMinn and Monroe Counties.


Ever wonder why we can enjoy such beautiful colors in Autumn?  Leaves change colors because the green chlorophyll disappears from the leaves when cooler temperatures arrive.  These cooler temperatures and bright sunshine turn the plant’s glucose into a beautiful reddish color.  Thanks to Mother Nature, we have a burst of energy in our surroundings.

Fall is also the best time of year to fertilize, aerate, and seed lawns for lush spring colors.  Yes, enjoy the view but don’t put away the garden tools just yet.

The importance of space and function

Blueprintsliving room

By Carol Kamm at Grandview Realty

Real Estate Services in Bradley, Polk, Hamilton, McMinn and Monroe Counties.

According to the National Home Builders’ Association, buyers want the most for their buck in terms of home function.  Today’s home accommodates multi-generations in the same household.  Dual master bedrooms are common as well as larger master bedrooms with living areas.  Rooms need to serve several functions at one time, including a kitchen area with desk and storage nooks. Islands are getting bigger and higher end countertops and design is expected.  Not only are open floor plans common but also outdoor living areas are becoming a priority with fireplaces or fire pits and plenty of seating areas.  So it’s no longer how big a house may be, it’s how well it functions for the needs of the residents.

Kitchen - Creft

What makes people feel comfortable in your home?  So comfortable that they don’t want to leave? We’ve heard the cliche that “less is more”.  It’s true.  A modest home with no clutter has much more appeal than an expensive home that’s overshadowed by lots of stuff and the homeowner’s personality rampant through all of it.  So how can you have a comfortable home that is still livable?

1.  Start with a point of reference.  Choose a color in one of the basic features of a room:  rug, draperies, or furniture, then use subtle coordinating fabrics and colors for other features in the room.  Don’t let the colors in a room fight with one another, and don’t play safe using nothing but beige.

2.  Don’t overcrowd a room with too much furniture.  A few pieces of used furniture that’s comfortably placed are more appealing than too many name brand pieces.

3.  Use textured throws with coordinating colors to give warmth and a relaxed feeling.

4.  Store a TV, Stereo, and DVD player in an appropriate Entertainment center, not oversized for the equipment.  Look for these Entertainment Centers in thrift shops or used furniture stores.  Paint them if necessary and hide all cords and cables.

5.  Don’t overload the walls with pictures and family photos.  Choose a desired height on the wall to hang pictures and then stick to that height, avoiding the roller coaster look on the walls.  Don’t be afraid of blank space, it actually enhances the few pieces you have hanging.  Choose only 1 wall or hallway for family photos.  If it’s too hard to choose, then use the top of a bureau with just a few more.  Just make sure it doesn’t become a dust collector.

6.  A dark room is depressing.  Keep blinds open during the day.  Place lamps in a least three corners of a room rather than an overhead light.

7.  Let the kids play!  But have a place to put toys away when finished.

8.  Surround sounds are wonderful but a small radio behind a chair or sofa playing soft music is just as effective.

9.  Aromas will always connect with our brains.  Freshen up a stale room with Febreeze.  Apples and cinnamon are awesome cooked on a stove top or oven.  Even the aroma of a home cooked meal can be therapy for us.

Lowery home resized


By Carol Kamm at Grandview Realty

Real Estate Services in Bradley, Polk, Hamilton, McMinn and Monroe Counties.

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